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The Los Angeles Criminal Attorney Law Firm provides hands-on, consistent, quality, and skilled representation in all misdemeanor and felony matters, including driving under the influence, drug offenses, theft offenses, restraining orders, and serious and violent felonies.  For Negin, protecting the accused is a noble way of protecting the integrity of our criminal justice system, and of preserving the significance and value of our constitution. For that reason, Negin puts her heart and soul into every case, and tirelessly fights for every one of her clients, no matter how egregious the charges or tedious and intimidating the process.  Infused with this spirit, Negin carefully evaluates every case, and explores and litigates every possible defense.  Negin’s strategy—one that has consistently led to favorable resolutions—is to educate the prosecutor about the nuances and complexities involved in a case as well as any and all weaknesses in the prosecution’s account of the case.  Negin then relentlessly pushes for an outcome most just and best suited to the needs of her client in light of the circumstances.

What makes Negin Yamini the ideal criminal defense attorney for you in all stages of a criminal prosecution, and no matter where your case is in the process

Hiring the right criminal defense attorney is the most important decision that you can make in regards to your case.  This decision can be the difference between a draconian punishment versus a reduced sentence, an expeditious outcome versus a dragged-on and futile endeavor, or a guilty versus a not guilty verdict. Below are some reasons why Negin is the ideal attorney for you no matter where your case is in the process:

1. Negin Yamini is a masterful negotiator and a relentless litigator

Experienced in all stages of a criminal prosecution, Negin Yamini fights your case as both a negotiator and a litigator.  As a litigator, Negin fully and thoroughly investigates the facts of your case, and prepares any and all substantive and procedural motions that pertain to the specific issues of your case.  As a negotiator, Negin uses any substantive or procedural problems in the prosecution’s account of your case to negotiate a favorable plea bargain on your behalf. And if a favorable plea bargain cannot be reached, Negin aggressively prepares your case for trial. 

2. Negin Yamini is a trial lawyer

In general, there are three categories of criminal defense attorneys: those who rigorously negotiate on behalf of their clients but avoid trial; those who routinely litigate cases in trial but who do not invest much in negotiating endeavors pre-trial; and those who are both negotiators and trial attorneys. Negin Yamini is in the third category. She is both a negotiator and a skilled trial attorney who will not hesitate to take a case to trial once she has exhausted all attempts at a plea bargain or if she believes that proceeding to trial will accomplish the most just outcome in your case. 

3. Negin Yamini has earned the respect of judges and prosecutors

The majority of cases settle and do not proceed to trial. Therefore,you want to hire an attorney who has not just the skill and ability to negotiate on your behalf, but who is also known and respected by judges and prosecutors.  Your attorney’s reputation can make a difference in how successful he or she is in accomplishing the best possible outcome in your case. 

Negin is respected and admired by clients, judges, and prosecutors for her tenacity, passion, utmost professionalism, and integrity. These qualities—the hallmarks of Negin’s personality—have helped her accomplish favorable dispositions in many cases.

4. Negin Yamini understands your case, no matter the nature and severity of the charges against you

From the moment that you consult her about your case, Negin will listen attentively for details and nuances, and conduct her own investigation of the facts.  She will examine the case from any and all possible angles, and will not rely on what the police or prosecution believe to have occurred.

5. Negin Yamini tailors her defense to the specific needs and circumstances of your case

It is important that you hire an attorney who will understand the specific circumstances of your case, and who will tailor a defense or defense strategy accordingly. For example, in your particular case, you many have neither the facts nor the law on your side. In that situation, an apt strategy might be appealing to a judge’s or prosecutor’s sense of compassion or interest in your rehabilitation. Conversely, your case might impose some substantive and procedural obstacles for the prosecution.  In that situation, an apt strategy might be rigorously using those obstacles as leverage to negotiate on your behalf. Some cases require that the attorney both litigate the weaknesses in the prosecution’s case as well as appeal for leniency and compassion. 

Negin Yamini will take the time and effort to thoroughly understand the specific needs and nuances of your case, and to plan an effective defense accordingly.

6. Negin Yamini conscientiously and thoroughly prepares your defense, leaving no stone unturned

In every criminal case, conscientiousness—the ability to be thorough and diligent—is key in accomplishing a favorable outcome. Negin Yamini will painstakingly prepare your defense—that is, she will seek any and all information relevant to your case, and explore any and all strategies and options that will lead to a most ideal outcome.

7. Negin Yamini takes full control and command of your case, at every stage of the criminal process

No matter where your case is in the judicial process, Negin does not “wait” for the system to take its natural course.  Rather, she takes control of the system.  For example, she will not wait for the prosecutor to propose to her a disposition or “hand her” an offer in your case.  She will thoroughly investigate the relevant law and facts of your case and, based on those findings, she will aggressively pitch her own offer to the prosecution.  This command and control of the process sends the prosecutor exactly the right message—that Negin is not at the mercy of the prosecutor, and that she will do everything she can to ensure justice for her client.

8. Negin Yamini personally handles your case and provides hands-on representation at all times

When you hire a criminal defense attorney, you deserve to have the peace of mind that he or she—and not an appearance attorney whom you have never met—will handle your case from start to finish.  Negin will appear in court to fight on your behalf.  At every stage of your case, Negin herself will handle any and all substantive and procedural tasks. 

9. Negin Yamini is accessible to you at all times, keeps you informed at all times, and holds your hand through the process

The criminal justice system is daunting and scary, and an attorney who helps alleviate your anxiety is crucial to your ability to remain resilient and strong. For that reason, you want to hire an attorney who is accessible to you at all times.  Negin Yamini is accessible to you at all times, keeps you informed at all times, and holds your hand through a process that otherwise seems insurmountable.

10. Negin Yamini offers high quality AND affordable representation

High quality representation need not mean exorbitant prices.  In Negin’s criminal law practice, affordable and high quality are not mutually exclusive and in fact both requirements of effective representation.  For that reason, Negin offers top-notch representation at reasonable and affordable fees.

The stages of a criminal prosecution

Generally, a criminal prosecution consists of three main stages: the arrest, arraignment, and adjudication.

  • The Arrest

A criminal case usually begin with an arrest, when law enforcement, on the basis of information they have obtained, form probable cause to believe that a crime has been committed and that the person suspected has committed the specific crime.  The Fourth Amendment to the United States constitution mandates that police cannot execute an arrest unless they have probable cause to believe that the person sought to be arrested committed the crime. Probable cause at this stage of a criminal case is satisfied so long as the police can present articulable facts that would lead a reasonable person to believe that the suspect has committed the alleged offense.

Once an individual is arrested and booked, the arresting agency refers their findings and observations—generally memorialized in a police report—to the prosecution.  The filing deputy district attorney or city attorney then reviews those findings and observations and determines whether there is sufficient basis to believe that a crime was committed and, if so, what charges are most appropriate.  The prosecutor then files a criminal complaint. The accused is subsequently charged and an arraignment date is set.

  • Arraignment

At arraignment, the accused is informed by a judge of the criminal charges filed against him or her, and is given the option of pleading guilty or not guilty to those charges.  Unless defense counsel and the prosecution have already reached a plea bargain, the accused enters a plea of not guilty at arraignment.  The judge then determines whether the accused should be released on his own recognizance, or made to post bail.  If the judge decides that bail is to be posted, the accused has a right to a bail review hearing within a few days of the date of the arraignment.  Whether bail is set and for what amount depends on the severity of the charges and the accused’s criminal history.

  • Adjudication

Once the accused enters a plea of not guilty, the case proceeds to the adjudicatory phase.  At this stage, defense counsel obtains from the prosecution all discovery, or information gathered by law enforcement, related to the charges.  Through the adjudicatory phase a case either resolves in plea bargain or proceeds to further litigation.  If the accused is charged with a felony, he or she has the right to a preliminary hearing held before a judge or magistrate.  If the accused is charged with a misdemeanor, then he or she does not have the right to a preliminary hearing, and must proceed straight to trial, unless the case is resolved in a plea bargain.

At a preliminary hearing, the prosecution must present sufficient facts that constitute probable cause to believe that the accused committed the alleged charges.  If the judge finds that the probable cause standard is met, the accused is held to answer to the charges.  Henceforth, there are two possible outcomes: the case resolves in plea bargain or proceeds to trial.

Seven of our most common criminal defense practice areas are as follows:

  1. DUI Charges

DUIs do not always bring criminal allegations, but even first-time DUIs without any aggravating factors involved can bring serious penalties, such as losing your license for a year, time in the county jail, and hefty fines. For repeat DUIs and cases where an injury/death occurred, the sentence will be even steeper. Additionally, a DUI on your record can affect your future employment opportunities and increase your car insurance rates for many years to come. To maximize your chances of getting your DUI charge dismissed or at least getting the sentence lightened, it is imperative to have experienced DUI lawyers who can find weaknesses in the evidence brought against you and engage in negotiations where appropriate.

  1. Drug Crimes

Drug crimes, including simple possession, manufacture, sale, transport, or trafficking of a controlled substance, are taken very seriously in the California criminal code. The charges can be a mere infraction, a misdemeanor, or a felony, depending on what kind, quantity, and use of drug is involved. A prior drug crime on your record or connections to other crimes, like illegal firearm possession or gang violence, can also increase the punishment. First-time, non-violent offenders are often eligible for a "drug diversion program" in lieu of jail time, but they must complete drug abuse treatment for the charges to be ultimately dismissed. Loss of driving privileges, probation, heavy fines, and registration as a drug offender are other possible sentencing elements.

  1. Assault & Battery

In California, "assault" is defined as intentionally attempting to physically harm another person or so threatening another that they have a reasonable fear of immanent attack. "Battery" is defined as purposefully using physical force on another person, regardless of how small the amount. Assault and battery can be misdemeanor charges if little to no actual harm is done, but it can be a felony when serious injury results. A felony may also be charged if a deadly weapon (of any kind) is used or there was intent to inflict extremely severe injury on the victim. Both assault and battery, which are often charged together, are serious crimes that require a skilled lawyer to successfully defend against.

  1. Domestic Violence

With "domestic violence," allegations are brought against a spouse, parent, dating partner, co-habitant, or other close relation. Domestic violence can also cover abuse, rape, kidnapping, stalking, and other violations against someone with whom one has a close relationship. Since these types of crimes are so common and so devastating, arrests are made upon complaint with little thought that the accused party may be innocent. But it is not at all uncommon for accusations to be fabricated or greatly exaggerated, and juries/judges are often too quick to assume guilt unless a skilled lawyer is fighting to defend you. The loss of visitation rights, child custody, and employment, and the permanently stained reputation are also strong reasons to seek expert legal counsel.

  1. Theft Crimes

"Theft crimes" covers a wide swath of specific charges, all tied together simply by the taking of property that belongs to another. In "Burglary," it is stealing items from the property of another. If that property is currently inhabited, it is first degree burglary; if not, it is second degree. Second degree may get you a year in the county jail, but first degree could get you a 2 to 6 year prison term. "Robbery" is the taking of property by force off of the person of another without the owner's permission. How severely robbery is punished will depend on such things as if a firearm/weapon was used, if a prior criminal record exists, if an injury/death resulted, and what the value was of the stolen property. We know the best defense strategies for both burglar and robbery cases, and we also handle auto theft, grand larceny, fraud, and many other classes of theft crime.

  1. Weapons Crimes

When you are charged with using a weapon to commit a crime, the punishment will be enhanced. Illegal possession of a weapon can also bring serious consequences. Once a weapons violation, whether firearms or otherwise, is on your record, you can be flagged in employers' background checks and find it difficult to find a good job. For this reason, it is wise to hire a skilled criminal defense lawyer to defeat weapons charges or to get them expunged from your record as soon as possible.

  1. Sex Crimes

The social stigma and destroyed relationships that can result form a sex crimes conviction can haunt you for life, and you will be forced to register as a sex offender, besides suffering from long prison terms and heavy fines. Sex crimes include: rape, statutory rape, spousal rape, child abuse, prostitution, sexual harassment, and indecent exposure. The high-profile nature of sex crimes often leads to the overlooking of defendants' rights, making it crucial to have the best possible defense attorney.

Los Angeles Criminal Attorney is staffed by experts in all of the above-listed practice areas and more. We are committed to defending your rights and winning the best obtainable outcome to every case.

For further information or to get started on your case, call us 24/7 at 424-333-0943.

Recent Criminal Case Results

To protect the identity of our clients names have been abbreviated.

A.A. (LAX)

  • Case #5MP00426
  • charges: misdemeanor driving under the influence
  • client was prosecuted for 5th time DUI and three probation violations. He was facing state prison. I pled him to the court and got the judge to give him the bare minimum incarceration time, despite what the DA was asking for.

D.A. (Van Nuys)

  • Case #LA082105
  • Charges: Felony Unlawful transportation and sale of marijuana
  • Got charge reduced from felony to misdemeanor maintaining an unlawful place. Got probation and no jail for client.

A.A. (Metro)

  • Case #5MP09251
  • Charge: misdemeanor DUI
  • Client was charged with two consecutive DUI’s. I got both reduced to wet recklesses.

P.A. (San Fernando)

  • Case #PA083255
  • Charge: continuous sexual assault of a minor
  • Client was facing 22 plus years of state prison for multiple counts of sexual assault. Litigated the case for 12 months and eventually convinced DA to give him only 8 years with credit for time served.

M.B. (San Fernando)

  • Case #PA083029
  • Charges: felony possession of a loaded firearm and felon in possession of firearm
  • Client was facing 3 years of state prison. I settled the case for probation.

G.B. (Van Nuys)

  • Case #LA076884
  • Charges: felony sale possession of a controlled substance.
  • Got charge reduced to misdemeanor possession which client later expunged.

M.B. (Downtown)

  • Case #BQ043268
  • Charges: Client’s ex-wife filed a restraining order against him.
  • Case proceeded to bench trial. Judge dismissed the TRO in favor of my client.

C.B. (Compton)

  • Case #TA126899
  • Possession of a controlled substance for sale with gun allegations
  • Prosecution wanted 16 months of state prison. I got client house arrest and probation.

B.C. (Rancho Cucamonga)

  • Case #FWV1300181
  • Felony pimping and pandering
  • Got charge reduced to maintaining an unlawful business, which protected client from getting deported. In addition, got client probation and NO JAIL.  Prosecution initially wanted 3 years of state prision.

J.C. (Van Nuys)

  • Case #5PY03286
  • Felony possession of a controlled substance
  • Case was dismissed after 12 months upon successful completion of terms and conditions

S.C. (East Los Angeles)

  • Case #CA18106
  • Unlawful cultivation of marijuana
  • Case dismissed after successful terms and conditions of plea agreement.

W.C. (Van Nuys)

  • Case #3PY9003
  • Criminal threat
  • Got charged reduced to a disturbing the peace. Got client just probation, community service, and no jail.

D.C. (Downtown)

  • Case #BA424664
  • Felony vandalism
  • Got charge reduced to a misdemeanor vandalism. Got client probation, community service, and no jail

V.C. (LAX)

  • Case #SA086337
  • Felony grand theft with 4 prison priors.
  • Client was facing 5 plus years of prison time. I got her probation and NO JAIL.

M.C. (Downtown)

  • Case #4CA05916
  • Annoying and molesting a child
  • Pled client to a lesser charge of lewd or dissolute conduct in public which saved him from having to register as a sex offender. Got him probation and No jail.

V.C. (Downtown)

  • Case #BA407008
  • Robbery
  • Client was convicted of robbery at jury trial. I filed a sentencing memorandum and convinced the judge to give him probation and NO JAIL

P.D. (Long Beach)

  • Case #3LG02284
  • client was charged with 32 counts of lewd act on a minor
  • I got all 32 counts dismissed and got client to pled to one count of misdemeanor assault. He got probation, community service, and NO JAIL

J.D. (Pasadena)

  • Case #4PS20027
  • client was charged with felony assault with a deadly weapon
  • got charged reduced to simple misdemeanor battery. Client got probation and NO JAIL

B.D. (2014) (Long Beach)

  • Case #NA099427
  • Client charged with attempted murder of a peace officer and assault on a peace officer.
  • Got attempted murder charge dismissed. Client pled to assault and got 8 years compared to life imprisonment which he would have faced had he been convicted of the attempted murder charge.

R.D. (Downtown)

  • Case #BA392815
  • Client charged with 14 counts of credit and debit card fraud
  • All charges dismissed at preliminary hearing

J.D. (LAX)

  • Case #SA084030
  • Client charged with possession of marijuana for sale
  • Got case dismissed

M.E. (Alhambra)

  • Case #4MP11050
  • Client charged with driving under the influence of marijuana
  • Case dismissed

O.G. (San Fernando)

  • Case #PA073434
  • Client charged with DUI and drunk in public
  • Got both charges dismissed. Client pled to alternative reduced charge of possession of open container in public. Probation and no jail

R.G. (Downtown)

  • Case #BA435986
  • Client charged with carrying a loaded firearm and felony in possession of firearm
  • Got both charges dismissed

G.H. (Van Nuys)

  • Case #LA081359
  • Client charged with attempted murder
  • Got attempted murder charge dismissed and got client to plead to one count of assault. Client got Probation, house arrest, and NO JAIL

J.H. (LAX)

  • Case #3WA02123
  • Client charged with grand theft
  • Got charge reduced to trespass. Client got probation and NO JAIL

A.H. (Burbank)

  • Case #2BR00337
  • client charged with possession of marijuana
  • Got charge dismissed

K.H. (Pomona)

  • Case #KA101432
  • Client charged with multiple counts of sexual assault on a child
  • DA’s offer was 22 years. I got him 6 years with credit for time served.

S.I. (Santa Clarita)

  • Case #BA39281501
  • Client charged with hit and run and DUI
  • Took case to trial. Got a hung jury (7 not guilty). Case dismissed by judge.

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Negin is one of the most talented criminal defense attorneys in Los Angeles. Her passion to fight for every client shows with attention she puts into each case. If you need a great lawyer call Negin she is one you want to talk with.

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If there is anyone you want on your side it would be Negin. She is one of the most respected criminal defense lawyers in Los Angeles. If you need a good defense start with a good lawyer that is my advice as an attorney.

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Negin is a well respected criminal defense attorney in Los Angeles. You won't find anyone better to defend your criminal matters.

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