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Facing criminal charges can be overwhelming. A simple arrest may mean going to jail or facing other penalties upon receiving a guilty verdict. A lot is at stake, whether you have been accused of a misdemeanor or a felony crime. When facing this situation, you want to consider all the legal options.

You owe it to yourself to hire the services of a skilled and devoted criminal lawyer who never settles for the typical outcome or easy result. Our defense lawyers at Los Angeles Criminal Attorney will work with you to ensure your rights and freedoms are protected and strive to have the charges against you reduced or dismissed. We provide quality and expert representation in all cases to obtain the best possible outcome for our clients.

For us, defending suspects is our honorable way of preserving the integrity of our criminal justice system and protecting our constitution's value and significance. Consequently, we put all our effort into each case and fight for clients, regardless of how severe the charges are or complicated and tedious the process is. We carefully assess every case and explore all the defenses that can help achieve a favorable outcome. We defend clients charged in Los Angeles and the surrounding counties as well.

What Sets Us Apart

Having the right lawyer by your side can make a significant difference when charged with a criminal offense. A skilled attorney makes all the difference between regaining your freedom and going to jail or facing other consequences. These are some of the reasons why we are the best option for you, regardless of how complicated your case is:

We will know our client’s whole story since we dedicate our time to listening and understanding. Once assigned a lawyer, you will work with them closely at all stages of the criminal process.

Our lawyers have practiced criminal law for decades. Our clients trust our advice since we are experienced in every kind of criminal case.

Our lawyers do not settle for the typical outcome or easiest result. They boast impeccable negotiation skills, which they will use to obtain the most favorable outcome for your case.

Your assigned lawyer will give you their telephone number. They will directly return your email, text, or call to respond to your pressing concerns and questions.

We understand your needs are unique and urgent, so we offer same-day representation services. This means that once you have had your complimentary initial consultation, we will start working on your case the same day. The government wastes no time in trying to prove your guilt; therefore, proactive defense is imperative. Decisive and prompt action from your defense lawyer is critical. The California criminal justice system has various requirements and complexities, which are time-sensitive. Our lawyers will assist you in navigating the criminal justice system and understanding your options. Request for same-day representation, and let us fight for rights.

If you have been accused of an offense in Los Angeles or neighboring counties, you want a lawyer with courtroom experience to represent you. You also need a lawyer who understands the operations of local judges, prosecutors, and court clerks. A lawyer who has earned the respect of courts can easily win you a case compared to one who has not. At Los Angeles Criminal Attorney, we boast attorneys who are well-respected by courts throughout Los Angeles and neighboring counties. Our lawyers also know the ins and outs of the local system and are well-versed with state laws.

We understand everything about the court systems in Los Angeles and other counties where we represent clients. What sets us apart from other attorneys is how familiar we are with the court procedures, local judges, the tendencies of local prosecutors, and the way courts handle different offenses. We are always ready for the criminal procedures in various courtrooms, which gives us an advantage over other law firms when developing a solid defense strategy.

Our expertise in local legal matters is what places us on the map. A highly-respected lawyer with a high reputation can easily succeed in obtaining the best results for a case. Our lawyers will not only go to court with expertise and tenacity, but the respect they attract will also help them obtain the best possible outcome.

Apart from earning respect for being integral, our lawyers have also earned respect for their skills when defending a case. Prosecutors know they cannot exploit attorney weakness when it comes to lawyers at Los Angeles Criminal Attorney as they do with other lawyers to prevail in a case. Our lawyers are always well-prepared and will argue your case aggressively and persuasively to obtain the best possible outcome. Once you call to share the details of your case, we will assign you the perfect lawyer for the job to work with you in regaining your freedom.

When your legal situation is difficult, you need representation from a tough lawyer. At Los Angeles Criminal Attorney, we boast a team of highly experienced criminal defense attorneys devoted to a strategic, assertive, and effective defense. We know that facing criminal charges is one of the most overwhelming experiences, and you need an attorney by your side.

We are recognized for defending some of Los Angeles's most notorious, high-profile criminal cases. Our lawyers are dedicated to providing a vigorous, high-caliber defense aimed at achieving successful outcomes to protect our clients’ freedom and career. Recent cases we have successfully defended include DUI, embezzlement, violent crimes, sex crimes, and property crimes.

Our attorneys have several years of criminal defense experience in severe and complex criminal cases that often result in cases being successfully resolved or charge withdrawals. Through strategic preparations and negotiations, we aim to have the charges withdrawn before the case goes to trial. And if we cannot avoid a court trial, our strategy and tireless preparation will secure the most favorable outcome.

The Criminal Court Process

Generally, the criminal court process comprises four primary stages— arrest, arraignment, pretrial, and trial.

  • The Arrest

    The Arrest

    The criminal court process usually starts with an arrest. For law enforcement to arrest you, they must have probable cause or reasonable suspicion that you are committing a crime. After they have arrested you, they will process or book you, then release you on bail or have you detained. Bail is the money you post with the jail facility or court to ensure you attend all your court dates as the judge requ...

  • Arraignment


    An arraignment is your first official court appearance after arrest. Essentially, it is a court hearing conducted before a judge. Here, the judge informs you of the charges the D.A filed against you and then allows you to enter a plea. You could plead not guilty, guilty, or no contest.

    If you plead no contest or guilty, your case proceeds straight to the sentencing hearing. If you ple...

  • Pretrial


    After entering a not guilty plea, your case proceeds to the pretrial stage. Here, your lawyer and prosecution exchange information related to your charges in a process known as discovery. This is also where your lawyer or prosecution requests the judge to make a ruling regarding some of your case aspects. For instance, your lawyer may bring a motion to suppress evidence wanting the court to throw out spe...

  • The Trial

    The Trial

    As we mentioned, your case will proceed to trial if not solved at the pretrial stage. Note that you are entitled to a speedy trial and can have either a jury or bench trial. At this stage, the burden of proving there is enough proof to show your guilt beyond reasonable doubt lies with the prosecutor. At Los Angeles Criminal Attorney, we have an impeccable track record and will fight so your case does n...


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Our Practice Areas

We have expertise in a wide range of practice areas. The following are the most common practice areas we specialize in, but the list is not exhaustive.

Miscalculating a situation or a mere lack of judgment can land even the most careful people in California into trouble with the law. DUI in California is a complex case that you should not take lightly. Even a first-time offense DUI without aggravating circumstances can subject you to severe penalties and time in jail. The consequences are even harsher for repeat offenders and DUIs with death or injury.

A DUI conviction can lead to your driving privilege suspension, whether for a first or subsequent offense. Being without your driver’s license can inconvenience you, especially if you are a commercial driver. A DUI conviction on your criminal record may also have collateral consequences, like missing out on employment opportunities. As it is, your future is at stake, so you cannot afford to be misrepresented.

Many drug-related crimes are prosecuted in California, and prosecutors are highly aggressive. The charges you face and the penalties differ based on the type and quantity of the narcotic. California drug laws cover sale, possession, manufacture, trafficking, and transport. Drug charges carry severe penalties as it is. A drug offense in connection with other crimes, such as unlawful firearm possession, can significantly increase your punishment.

We will inform you of your legal options if you have been charged with a drug offense. At Los Angeles Criminal Attorney, we skillfully navigate the quickly-evolving California drug laws. We will utilize our negotiation skills, knowledge, and experience to obtain the most favorable outcome at the earliest stages of prosecution.

California law defines domestic violence as willfully using or threatening to use force upon a former or current intimate partner. The victim does not need to suffer physical harm for a conviction to occur, and innocent parties are frequently falsely accused. Based on several factors, domestic violence can be a felony or a misdemeanor.

Prosecutors treat domestic violence charges very seriously. A conviction can result in long-term repercussions. Even if the accused has no prior convictions, they may face a minimum jail term, and the court will require them to complete a batterer’s program. For this reason, you want to hire an experienced criminal defense lawyer to avoid a conviction if you have been accused of domestic violence.

Assault is the intentional attempt to hurt another physically or threaten someone, so they reasonably fear for their safety or the safety of their loved ones. Battery is the deliberate use of force on another, irrespective of how slight it may be. Assault and battery are terms usually used together, but these are two different crimes, per the definitions. These crimes are misdemeanors if no or little harm is caused and felonies if severe injuries result. Whether it is a misdemeanor or felony, assault or battery can lead to severe consequences upon a conviction, and thus you need skillful representation if charged.

California law classesifies theft into different degrees, each with varying penalties. In simple terms, theft means knowingly taking someone else's property, intending to deprive them of it permanently. It can also entail a situation where somebody entrusts another with their property, hoping to take it back, only for the person entrusted with the property to fail to return it. Theft crimes are prosecuted differently based on the value of the stolen property and are classified into two broad categories— grand theft and petty theft.

You will be charged with petty theft if you steal property worth less than $950. And if the property is worth $950 or more, you will face grand theft charges. A conviction of any theft crime can damage your reputation and employment opportunities since it reflects on your criminal record and can be seen during criminal background checks. Employers are reluctant to hire anybody accused of stealing since they consider the person dishonest. However, a theft crime can arise out of false accusations or honest mistakes, and at Los Angeles Criminal Attorney, we will strive to unearth the whole truth, so you are not judged unfairly.

California law details various sex offenses. These offenses involve coerced or forceful sexual contact with someone else who could not or did not consent. The state has stringent sentencing requirements as far as sex offenses are concerned, with mandatory minimum incarceration periods. If found guilty of a sexual offense, your punishment will depend on how severe the crime is. You could face hefty fines, incarceration, and the sex offender registration requirement.

Sex crime charges can arise out of false accusations, and to avoid your reputation being ruined, you need to act fast and contact a skilled sex crimes attorney for help. At Angeles Criminal Attorney, our sex crime lawyers are dedicated to fighting for you to protect your rights and prove your innocence. To learn more about how we can help, call us at 424-333-0943.

The penalties are harsh when accused of a weapon offense, for instance, carrying a loaded firearm in public. The penalties become even more severe when charged with using a weapon to commit a crime. A conviction for a weapon charge on your criminal record can adversely affect your life. For instance, you may be stripped of your firearm rights or find it challenging to find employment. Consequently, you want to hire an experienced weapon crimes defense attorney to help you fight the charges against you and obtain the best possible outcome.

Driving crimes in California include reckless driving, driving on a suspended license, driving under the influence, driving without a license, and vehicular manslaughter, among others. The stakes are high If accused of any of these crimes. A conviction may increase car insurance rates, fines, and incarceration.

You need skilled legal representation, and our lawyers can help you. We have successfully helped clients facing driving crime charges have their cases dismissed. Where a dismissal is impossible, we utilize our negotiating skills to obtain the most favorable plea deal, so our clients avoid harsh consequences. Call us now, and we will start working on your case immediately.

You commit fraud when you involve yourself in acts that result in an unfair benefit for yourself and harm or loss to another. California law described several fraudulent behaviors, including identity theft, forgery, insurance fraud, check fraud, and real estate fraud. Most fraud crimes are wobblers— the prosecution can charge as either a misdemeanor or felony based on the case facts. Also, most fraud crimes can be tried under federal law.

The penalties for any fraud crime are harsh. Luckily, you can avoid these penalties with criminal defense by your side. Our lawyers will develop a solid defense strategy that will help achieve the best possible outcome. Some legal defenses for fraud crimes include mistaken identity, lack of fraudulent intent, and entrapment.

Judges and prosecutors in California treat violent crimes very seriously to try and curb these incidences. However, all is not lost if accused of any violent crime. All you will need is a lawyer experienced in handling these kinds of cases to defend you. Often, law enforcement fails to do thorough investigations, leading to the prosecution overcharging the case or convictions of innocent persons. Police officers can obtain statements from mistaken or lying witnesses leading to suspect misidentification or false accusations, or they may use illegal means to gather evidence.

At Los Angeles Criminal Attorney, we can easily identify if something is wrong with your case and work to reveal the whole truth, including the illegally obtained proof. Once you entrust us with your case, we will do everything legally possible to deliver.

It is not uncommon for children to be accused of crimes in California. However, in many cases, juvenile cases are handled separately from adult cases. The Juvenile court system presides over these cases. Children receive less severe punishments and correctional help to prevent repeat offenses— even in cases where an acquittal or dismissal is not a realistic outcome. However, juvenile charges need to be fought just like in adult cases.

At Los Angeles Criminal Attorney, we have had many juvenile cases dropped for insufficient evidence by submitting positive proof in favor of our client or pointing out police violations of the juvenile's rights. Common offenses by juveniles include vandalism, shoplifting, trespass, and underage drinking. We know how to navigate the juvenile justice system and defend children against all criminal charges.

Property offenses involve the destruction or theft of another's property. Whereas these are less severe violations than violent crimes, a conviction may have life-changing consequences such as fines, incarceration, a criminal record, and social stigma. Common property offenses in California include vandalism, trespass, and arson. If you have been accused of a property crime, you want a lawyer who can fight to restore your freedom.

At Los Angeles Criminal Attorney, we have those lawyers. We will give it our all to ensure your rights are protected. We will have a free initial consultation to learn about your case before we can help you. Call us at 424-323-0943 to book an appointment with us.

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