Reseda, CA, is a peaceful little neighborhood of Los Angeles in the midst of the beautiful San Fernando Valley. But it was also (famously) the epicenter of the 6.7-magnitude Northridge Quake of 1994.

Similarly, your life in Reseda may be generally quiet and enjoyable, but a DUI arrest (a common occurrence in Reseda) can suddenly "shake your world" and threaten your future.

At our Los Angeles Criminal Attorney, we understand how disconcerting a first-time DUI can be to those totally unfamiliar with the process. And we also realize how devastating a repeat DUI conviction can be to your future life and driving privileges. 

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Arrested on DUI in Reseda, CA

Your DUI arrest process began before you even realized it. A police officer spotted your vehicle and made a determination from your driving patterns or speed to pull you over. Or, a neighbor may have complained to the police and given them a description of your vehicle.

When you heard the siren and saw the red-and-blue flashing lights pursuing you, you pulled over and waited while the officer approached. There are a lot of possible scenarios at that point. You may have been subjected to field sobriety tests, a PAS (breathalyzer) test, and a series of pointed questions from the officer.

In the end, you were arrested on suspicion of DUI, and your license was confiscated. A "pink slip" 30-day temporary license was given you in its place. Perhaps, you were taken downtown to the LAPD-run West Valley Community Police Station, where you were booked, given time to (allegedly) "sober up," and released.

Now what? Do you just have to wait 30 days until your temporary license expires? Is there any real hope in trying to fight a California DUI charge?

Fighting a California DUI Charge

Negin Yamini has been helping people charged with DUI in Reseda and throughout L.A. and Southern California successfully fight "the system" for years. She understands the inner workings of the DMV and of local L.A. Area courts where DUI cases are heard. She has won dismissals, acquittals, and charge/sentence reductions for many others arrested on DUI or DUID in the past, and he can do the same for you.

At our Los Angeles Crimiinal Attorney Law Firm, we can guide you through the DUI defense process step by step, from beginning to end. 

The first step is to request a DMV hearing within 10 days of your arrest (no business days, "actual" days.) Otherwise, you will lose your right to a hearing permanently. We can call to request the hearing for you, if you wish, and we can ensure your temporary license is extended up to your hearing date, even if the hearing date is more than 30 days past your arrest date.

Next, you need a good DUI defense attorney to find weaknesses in the evidence, police report, arguments, or other elements of the prosecution's case. We can also find any exculpatory or mitigating evidence in your favor, investigate the scene of the arrest, and investigate the arresting officer's complaint history.

To prove you guilty of DUI, the prosecutor must show that you:

  • Were driving a motor vehicle.
  • Had a BAC level of .08% or higher, or had your driving ability impaired even without the .08.
  • Were intoxicated willfully.

But it isn't nearly so easy to prove these "elements of the crime" of DUI as you might think. There are many solid defense strategies available, including:

  • Your driving may have been poor, but that does not equal DUI.
  • "Symptoms" of intoxication with alcohol/drugs can be mimicked by innocent things like tiredness, nervousness, or allergies.
  • FSTs are not a reliable indication of DUI, and the officer's testimony may have omitted to mention the tests you successfully passed.
  • Mouth alcohol can easily throw off a PAS test, and many officers fail to complete the 15-minute observation period properly.
  • Title 17 regulations on collecting and storing blood samples may have been violated.
  • You were pulled over and/or arrested without probable cause, not read your Miranda Rights, or interrogated before being informed you were under arrest.
  • You were not driving the vehicle. Perhaps, you were sitting in a parked car by the road and intoxicated but did not drink until after pulling over.
  • You were "mentally alert" at the time of arrest, and it is extremely unlikely for alcohol to impair one physically if it doesn't also impair him/her mentally.
  • Your being a diabetic or on a high-carb/low-protein diet threw off the BAC results.
  • Your blood alcohol was still rising when tested and may have been under .08 when you were behind the wheel.

Repercussions of a DUI Conviction

Even a first-time DUI can carry significant consequences. Besides the creation of a criminal record, social stigma, and difficulty in finding future gainful employment, you could be sentenced to:

  • Fines and fees that total as high as $1,800.
  • A 48-hour stay in the county jail.
  • Community service.
  • A license suspension of at least 5 months, with a restricted license possible after the first 30 days.
  • A three-month-long DUI Class, costing you $500.

A 2nd DUI can often get you 96 hours in jail, a heftier fine, a two-year license suspension, and mandatory installation of an IID (ignition interlock device) at your own expense. You can get the two year suspension down to one year, often, by enrolling in an 18 to 30 month long alcohol treatment program.

Penalties for 3rd or 4th and subsequent offenses only get more severe, and if anyone was injured or killed in a DUI accident you allegedly caused, things get more difficult still.

Clearly, with such severe and long-term consequences on the line, it is in your best interests to avail yourself of the services of an experienced DUI defense attorney. 

The courthouses that handle these Reseda, CA cases are listed here:

Chatsworth Courthouse
9425 Penfield Ave.
Chatsworth, CA 91311

Van Nuys Courthouse East
6230 Sylmar Ave.
Van Nuys, CA 91401

Contact us anytime 24/7 at the Los Angeles Criminal Attorney, by calling 424-333-0943, and we can help you build a solid defense and win the best possible outcome to your DMV or jury-trial DUI case.